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Actual Murderers Comedy Sketch Show

8:00 pm

Every Second Sunday from

August 13, 2017


October 31, 2017

Actual Murderers Comedy Sketch Show

Sunday, August 13  – 8:00 PM  (EVERY SECOND SUNDAY) followed by Alone Start Open Mic @ 10:30 PM

$5 Suggested Donation


The Murderers

Dan Drees is a Chicago based stand-up/sketch comedian. He was the co-host of Friesenpoint Podcast and although he loves his cat, he had to give it back to his parents.

Joe Fernandez is a Chicago based stand-up/sketch comedian. He was awarded the Chris Farley scholarship at Marquette University, is an Andy Kaufman Award Finalist, and has performed in the TBS Just For Laughs Chicago Festival. 

Chris Hauser believes vague platitudes are needed more than ever in these troubling times. God bless, be the person you want to be, and keep moving forward. 

Danny Patton is a Chicago based comedian and small child. He was awarded the Simply Comedy scholarship and was a member of Off Off Campus at the University of Chicago. His first murder was the real Danny Patton, an identity he has regretted stealing since 2011.

David Philips is part comedian and part magical falcon. He has performed all over the United States working with the legendary hilltop cliff circuit. When not hunting small mammals he enjoys reading.

Matt Riggs enjoys Almond Joy, Flavor Ice and doesn’t like talking about his comedy credits, which he has many. 

Stephanie Weber Enjoys a weekly trip to a corn maze…even off season.  If you travel through a rural area in the spring, you might wonder why that random girl is standing in an empty field…now you know.

Behind The Scenes

Ryan Jackson(Director) is the 23rd Ryan Jackson registered on IMDb. He was born in the 1980s and shoots on Canon. He is a graduate of the Second City Chicago, and has the financial debt to prove it. He prefers boxers over briefs, if pressed to choose.

Ed Hanson(Producer) is great at recognizing a good thing when he sees one, and in this instance the thing that is good that he sees is the talent and ideas growing and building in Chicago. Hellbent on bringing more attention to Chicago in hopes of making the second city number one, Ed Hansen has attached himself to a variety of projects in a producers role; namely Chicago Underground Comedy, Spiked Punch, and BEEF. He now turns his attention back to what brought him to the dance, written sketches performed live and filmed. Ed can also be seen (sometimes) performing as his comedic alter-ego Darwin Doobers.

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