“50 First Jokes” is the first big kickoff live comedy party event of the year

kickoff live comedy party

“50 First Jokes” is the first major live comedy launch party event of the year, now taking place at 10 amazing stand-up comedy venues across the United States of America! “50FJ” is always held in the first week of January. The format is 50 comedians sharing a stage, each telling the first new joke they’ve written for the new year. It’s a fast-paced, super-fun gathering that aims to both celebrate the comedy community and give audiences a behind-the-scenes peak at what it’s like to develop a brand new act. The show was started in New York in 2007 by a group of comedians. Ten years later, the 50FJ has become a highly anticipated annual event in New York, Los Angeles, DC, Denver, Atlanta, Ann Arbor, Austin, New Orleans, and for the first time in 2017, Chicago, San Francisco and Minneapolis . John F. O’Donnell is the sole remaining original creator and producer. He hosts the New York and DC incarnations of the show. And he is blessed and grateful to work with his very talented friends/comedians/co-producers in all different scenes who work hard to make 50FJ a positively dynamite time for comedians and audiences alike. 50 First Jokes is thrilled to be featured in both the New York Times and the LA Times.