Premiere of the “BUGS” documentary with bug-themed cocktails and food

Bugs movie and food

Atlas Obscura joins forces with the Illinois Science Council to bring you the ultimate introduction to being an insect eater yourself. Will share a drink with local entomologist as learn about the scientific side of insects. Then grab a bag of popcorn mixed with cricket powder and will enjoy the movie by the Nordic Food Lab, BUGS.

More than two billion people around the world consume insects as part of their everyday diet, but bugs have yet to make an impact in most western dinner plates. The documentary, BUGS, follows two young chefs around the world as they learn how to make this sustainable food source delicious, and struggle to introduce this custom into western diets.

Throughout the night, Mixologist Nadin will be mixing up bug-themed cocktails to help set the buggy mood. You’ll also sample some edible insect snacks, including roasted grasshoppers, cricket chips, some specialty items from local Chicago restaurants and more! Following the movie will be Not Your Father’s Comedy Show, the resident comedians.


  • This event is 21+ only.
  • Insects should not be consumed if you have a shellfish allergy.
  • There will be a cash bar of beer, wine, and bug-themed cocktails for you to enjoy.