David Heti

David Heti Comedian

David has pleased those picking talent enough for JFL42, Hell Yes Fest (NOLA), Dark Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion.

David teaches a course in comedy writing and a bit of history and philosophy at McGill University. he opines on issues of comedy limits and theory from time to time on radio and television (such as CBC), in print and in person at conferences, fests or colloquia (e.g. re questions of dark comedy and Holocaust humour).

David has told jokes in Mississippi, Newfoundland, California, Texas, Maine, London, New York. he has told jokes before Todd Barry, Brian Posehn, Eddie Pepitone, Jen Kirkman. he has told jokes at the Comedy Store and Comedy Studio, Laugh Factory, Punch Line, Yuks and Helium, Broadway and Gotham Comedy.

David has written for VICE and The Comedy Network. he interviewed Kliph Nesteroff, author of The Comedians, when in town on his book tour, for The Comedians. he has an album, a podcast (archive) and a web series (archive).

Brendon Walsh

Brendon Walsh Comedian

You’ve seen Brendon Walsh most recently in Doug Stanhope’s “Comedians Comedian’s Comedians”. You may recognize him from his ‘Comedy Central Half Hour’ or his appearances on Drunk History, The Late Late Show, Conan, Comedy Bang Bang, HBO, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tru TV’s World’s Dumbest, Another Period, Maron, the film ‘Punching Henry’ starring JK Simmons & Henry Phillips, or the Nekrogoblikon video Dressed as Goblins.

He has performed at numerous comedy festivals around the world including the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and the Melbourne International Comedy Fest in Australia.

He was the host of the ‘Bone Zone’ podcast for 6 years and currently co-hosts the podcast “Do You Know Who Jason Segal Is” with Nick Thune here.