Experience the perfect blend of holiday cheer and side-splitting laughter at “The Twelve Comics of Christmas”

Chicago Comedy Show

Decorate the halls! It’s that time of year again. And what better way to kick off the birthday of our Lord and Savior JC of Nazareth. The man who sacrificed himself for our sins. Raise your glass joyfully and open your ears, you might hear a tale or two about the sins for which he died. Laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh!

Participants in the show:

  • Mikey Manker
  • Dale McPeak
  • Colin Bohannon
  • Tyson Karash
  • Adam Kroshus
  • Sean Flannery
  • John Margelewski
  • Reena Calm
  • Jeanie Doogan
  • Bobby Buds