One of the best stand-up shows in Chicago – VHS Comedy

VHS Stand-Up Show

VHS is a live comedy show that brings together the best of Chicago standups and the weirdest vintage videotapes. Comedians tell jokes and poke fun at awkward infomercials, wacky drills and crazy cartoons for a show like no other in Chicago!

A special Valentine’s Day show

You’ll get all the awkward video love you can get from cute animals, astronauts, boy bands, and of course, the original jealous ex! Tom Wisdom and Elsie How will introduce you to these flirtatious reefers:

  • Chelsea Hood (CW Network)
  • Prateek Srivastava (NBC Stand Up for Diversity)
  • Sabeen Sadiq (Don’t Kid Yourself)
  • Robert Flanagan (Boy Howdy)

VHS Comedy Late Summer Release

This show will give you easy answers to hard questions – CAN you learn to sing overnight? Do pink dragons exist? WHAT is on this unmarked but clearly used videotape?

Hosts Tom Wisdom and Elsie How will get to the bottom of things with this month’s reefers:

  • Jamal Guichon (Laugh Factory)
  • Charlie Codges (visiting from Madison!)
  • Naomi Spungeon (Just Us Girls)
  • Nick Saverino (visiting from Austin!)